Introduction and History


The Laerskool Nanaga Primary was created in 2006 from the preschool, Gelukland, which was started by a mother in the Nanaga farming community, who saw a dire need to stimulate the little minds in the Nanaga area.

From these smaller beginnings, the school has now evolved into a private education facility with a Christian approach that aims to provide a playschool for the younger children and then to facilitate their further education for grades R, 1 – 7 (as available).

The School follows the National Curriculum and has four terms as set out by the Eastern Cape Department of Education. The Children and Learners are taught equally in both the English and Afrikaans medium and some of the groups are combined-grade classes.

Laerskool Nanaga Primary is registered as an Independent School with the Eastern Cape Department of Education and with the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA).

The running of Laerskool Nanaga Primary is funded entirely by school fees and a variety of fundraisers held by the Fundraising Committee, teachers and the parents each term.  Laerskool Nanaga Primary is a fee paying school.

The School runs under a Trust with an Executive Committee made up of parents of pupils, independent members and the Principal. The Executive Committee makes all the governance decisions pertaining to the School and the Principal is the representative of this committee.

The Fundraising Committee is made up of an Executive Committee member as Chairlady together with teachers and parents.

The children and pupils at Nanaga benefit from the smaller classes and individual attention not possible in larger city schools. We only employ suitable and well qualified Educators for each level.

The school is situated in a building on the Nanaga Methodist Church grounds on Nanaga Hill, overlooking the N2 and R72 interchange at Nanaga, East of Port Elizabeth. The premises comprise of a large hall with a stage, 6 classrooms, a library, an office/computer room, kitchen, boy and girl bathroom facilities and a grassed enclosed playground.

The school currently offers the following levels:

Grade 000 (1-2, 2-3 & 3-4 year olds)

Grade Pre-R ( 4-5 year old)

Grade R (5-6 year old)

Grade 1 (6-7 year old)

Grade 2 (7-8 year old)

Grade 3 (8-9 year old)

Grade 4 & 5 (9-10 & 10 – 11 year olds)

Laerskool Nanaga Primary is destined to develop and grow as the needs of our

                Children develop and grow in the Nanaga area and Community.