Mission Statement

The Laerskool Nanaga Primary’s short term objective is to operate as a successful Independent Playschool, Pre- and Primary- school providing the National Curriculum as set out by the Eastern Cape Department of Education to children and Learners from Grade 0000 (1-2 year olds) to the Grade 5’s in 2017.

The long term objective of the Laerskool Nanaga Primary is to develop the school to incorporate Learners in Grade 5. Another important continual aim and objective of the School is to further increase numbers of enrolled Learners and children year by year to achieve a successful and sustainable school for the Nanaga Community.

The communities of Nanaga, Paterson, Colchester, Zuney and the surrounding farming areas have greatly benefited due to this School’s creation, implementation and success. The school has been successfully operating since 2003 and has strived to grow, develop and improve it’s facilities and structures to benefit the educational requirements of the enrolled children and Learners as their needs have increased over the years to the present date and into the future. Our aim is to give these young children and learners a strong foothold mentally, spiritually and physically as they embark on their formative years of schooling.