Code of Conduct, School Rules & Guidelines for Laerskool Nanaga Primary

(Please also refer to applicable school policies for additional details- all available from the school office)


Communication with school

  • Support the school and your child’s teacher
  • Do not discuss negative school issues in front of or with your child, rather approach the Principal and discuss directly.
  • Attend and assist with school functions whenever possible
  • Inform the school of any change or upset at home
  • Communicate with the teacher and keep in touch
  • At least one parent must attend the parent meeting held at the start of every term
  • It is very important to attend the meetings as important decisions that may pertain to your child are discussed.
  • Do not phone the teacher during the school day, rather contact the teacher in the afternoons when she is not teaching.
  • The Teacher is not available for in-depth discussions in the mornings when you drop-off- rather contact the teacher in the afternoon when she is not busy with her class’s arrival.
  • The Office Manager is available every Monday-Thursday between 08:00 – 14:30 for general and account queries.


Transport and lifts

  • Be organised in advance with transport and lifts.
  • Your child must know who will be fetching and carrying each day.
  • Lift club schedules must be given in writing to the teacher/ principal or office manager. Please inform the teacher/ principal
    or office manager with any changes in regards to lifts.
  • Telephone/cell numbers must be made available the school.
  • Be responsible about your child’s whereabouts.
  • Do not expect the school to provide care for your child after school hours unless the school has been notified and provides supervision.
  • Keep in mind that everyone at the school is very busy.
  • Remember you are responsible for your child’s safety.
  • Be aware of possible dangers.
  • Only drop off and collect at the main entrance. Children and Parents are not permitted to enter or leave the school via the vehicle gate and Kitchen door.
  • Please watch your vehicle’s speed and be aware of children when you approach and leave the school grounds.



  • Your child must feel proud of his/her school and always look smart and tidy wearing the correct uniform at all times.
  • The uniform must be clean and his/her school shoes must be in good condition.
  • If your child does not have the correct clothing he/she will feel uncomfortable.
  • On all outings he/she must wear the golf shirt with the school name and the full school uniform.
  • A Grade 1 and higher child not wearing shoes/ correct uniform will not be permitted to go on the outing.
  • All items of clothing must be permanently and clearing marked.
  • Your child must be responsible for his/her clothing.
  • Have a roster to ensure the correct clothing for sport is always packed
  • Always have a jersey packed in the child’s suitcase and a change of clothes/underwear if necessary.
  • Every child must have at least one golf shirt with the school badge, tracksuit tops must also have the school badge.
  • Every child must have a school sun hat as issued by the school.
  • All learners must have sunblock in their bags at all times.


The uniform for Nanaga from Grade 1:


Summer: Navy skirt, white golf shirt (at least one “Nanaga” shirt), navy underwear and navy/black crocks, navy tracksuit top. Optional: navy cardigan/tracksuit top (Woolworths).

Winter: Navy tracksuit (Woolworths), white golf shirt and white takkies

Optional: Navy windbreaker, navy cardigan or zip-up tracksuit top (Woolworths)


Summer: Navy PT shorts, white golf shirt (at least one “Nanaga” shirt) and navy/black crocks,

Navy tracksuit top

Winter: Navy tracksuit (Woolworths), white golf shirt and white takkies

Optional: Navy windbreaker, navy cardigan or zip-up tracksuit top (Woolworths).


The navy school tracksuits and white golf shirts with “Nanaga” embroidered on it is available from the Office.

All navy skirts, PT shorts, white golf shirts and underwear is available at PEP stores.

The navy Tracksuits are available from Woolworths only. Ask at School for available stock.


Please check the transparency of your daughters t-shirts as she gets older. It may be necessary for her to wear a little vest/sports top under her t-shirt. All girls are also encouraged to wear the navy ski-shorts/fitted sport shorts with the summer skirt- available at Woolworths. The shorts must not protrude lower than the hemline.

Homework done at school and or at home

  • Homework must be done everyday.
  • Homework should preferably be done at the same time every day.
  • Homework must be done properly and the homework book signed.
  • Be firm.
  • Before starting: go to the toilet, wash hands, eat, drink etc.
  • Sit at a table, the TV must be off and other children must be entertained away from the child doing the homework.
  • If homework takes too long or it becomes stressful, there is something wrong and discuss this with the teacher.
  • Encourage reading of books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia, etc.
  • Treat the school books with respect and do not permit younger children access to school books.
  • Damaged books will be replaced at the expense of the Parent.



  • A good breakfast is important (porriage, cereal, egg, toast, fruit).
  • Pack a healthy lunch- the school day is long.
  • A sandwich, fruit, juice or water, raw veggies, boiled egg, cold meats, nuts and dried fruit.
  • No sweets, fudge, fizzy cooldrink or sugar treats of any kind are permitted in the lunch box.
  • The Lunch box and cooldrink bottles must have the child’s name clearly marked.
  • Please send a water bottle and a cooldrink bottle to school.


Cleanliness and Health

  • Children need to bath everyday.
  • Hair must be washed regularly.
  • Nails must be kept short and clean.
  • Clean underwear and socks to be worn every day.
  • Teeth must be cleaned at least twice a day.
  • Children must have tissues or a clean handkerchief every day.
  • Sores and scratches must always be covered by a plaster. Should they need a plaster whilst at school, the Teacher will supply one.
  • Grades 1 and higher: Girls must please have their hair tied up neatly with hair-clips and navy hair bands, with hair out of their eyes. The boys’ hair must be kept short and tidy at all times.
  • Your child must have sun block applied every day before school to avoid sun burn.
  • Please notify the Office directly should your child or sibling contract a contagious disease, such as chicken pox, measles or even head-lice, so that the school may be aware of it spreading and can take the appropriate steps immediately. The School has contact with Pediatricians in PE that will advise on what actions to take.
  • No cutex to be worn to school.


  • Earrings – no rings / hoops


School Days – TIMES

These days/times may still be altered slightly: (please check with the Office, if necessary)

  • Grade 1 – 5: Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs: 07h30 – 13h30, school starts promptly at 07h45.
    Homework: 13h30 – 14h15 Monday – Thursday
    Sport: 14h15 – 15h00

Friday: 07h30 – 13h30


  • Grade R (5-6y): Mon – Fri: 07h30 – 13h00, school starts promptly at 07h45.
  • Grade Pre-R (4-5y):  Mon – Thurs: 07h30 – 13h00, school starts promptly at 07h45;
  • Grade 000 (1-2,  2-3 year olds): Monday –  Thursday, 07h30 – 13h00 (can fetch at 12 if arrange with the teacher)
  • Sport & Music:

Sport: Tuesdays & Wednesday afternoons: 14h15-15h00 –may be altered during the year

Extra Lessons: Thursday from 13h30 – 14h30

Art- class groups on a Friday

  • All children may be dropped at school by 07h15

Optional extra-curricular: These are not taught by our Teachers, but by an external private practitioner- please contact the Office for details.

  • Monkeynastics (external) – Wednesday mornings
  • Anne’s Aqua School: swimming lessons- Fridays (term 1 and 4)
  • Just Tennis: tennis coaching-Thursdays from 12h30 onwards (terms 1-4), from age 5 years.
  • Cricket: private cricket coaching  Thursdays
  • Ballet classes: Tuesday from 13:00 onwards
  • Music :Monday from 10:00 onwards
  • Rugga Kids:Monday from 13:00 onwards


School Terms :

As Per Calendar – 4 terms

School fees (please also refer C: General: School Fees Policy available in the office)

  • New child/learner only: A non-refundable deposit as a booking and application fee of R700.00 per child is required on admission for Grades Pre- R, Grade R and Grades 1and higher. This amount will be deducted from the terms fees and book/stationary expenses.
  • New child/learner only: A non-refundable deposit as a booking and application fee of R400.00 per child is required on admission for 1-4 year olds. This amount will be deducted from the terms fees and book/stationary expenses.
  • This deposit will not be refunded should the child/learner be withdrawn from the school after application and/or before a term’s notice has been given.
  • School fees are due monthly on the last day of each month, regardless of school holidays and public holidays.
  • School fees are calculated as an annual amount that is due per child and must be paid over 11 months from January to November.
  • Parents can however make a special arrangement with the School to pay over 12 months from January to December.
  • School fees will be re-calculated for children that start at the school later than January, with the last payment of the year in December.
  • A School Statement will be sent by the end of the second week of each term indicating the term’s fees and any other expenses due for that term and any overdue amounts from the previous term. Please contact the office in week 3 if you have not received your statement.
  • School fees must please be paid by means of an electronic transfer, bank deposit or direct debit order to the School’s Trust account.
  • The bank details: Laerskool Nanaga Primary Trust, ABSA Alexandria, code: 334 117, cheque account no. 407 412 7010.
  • Clearly state your Child’s name and Surname and the Month for which you are paying as the payment reference.
  • School fees are not permitted to be paid in cash.
  • The Committee has requested that the office does not accept cash from Parents for security reasons at the School.
  • Please notify the School should a payment be made late, a payment later than the 7th of the next month will be charged interest at the current interest rate. The interest will be reflected and due on the following term’s statement. On the 7thday of when the payment was due, the parents will be contacted by the school. You will be given another 3 days to rectify the situation.
  • A parent/ guardian who fails to keep the school fee payments and disbursements due up to date, will be notified.
  • On the 3rdday a parent/guardian will be asked to remove his/her child/ren if an amount is still outstanding by the end of that day.
  • The child/ren will only be allowed to return to school, once the fees have been paid in full and the parents have given proof of income and proof of a debit order being set up on their account.
  • The school may in it’s own discretion withhold the pupil’s school report if the fees for any given term have not been paid by the end of that term.
  • Parents are required to give a full terms written notice of withdrawal of their child from the school.
  • All parents at the school must be re-register their children/learners for the upcoming year by the end of the 3rdterm every year (September)- updating their contact detail in the process.
  • An annual book deposit for the next year will be required to be paid by the end of October for each child/learner at the school. This amount will reflect on the 4thTerms’ statement. This deposit will be deducted off the fees and books due on the first term’s statement in the new school year.

Deposit amounts due for the new school year will be determined by the school.

  • This book deposit is non-refundable should the parent decide after the deposit has been paid that the child/learner will not return to the school for the following school year for which this deposit was paid for.


Extra-curricular Activities/Sports

Please know that if you join an external extra curricular activity offered by our school, like swimming, tennis, Monkeynastics, etc, that you are bound by the individual agreement with that external Teacher/coach- which is typically: one terms written notice at the start of the new term.

Should you and your child wish to join one of these activities, please understand and explain to your child about a commitment to an activity and realise that you are probably committing to paying for that activity for a minimum of 6 months including the notice period. ie. your child does tennis in the 1st term, you hand in your notice at beginning of 2nd term, but you must still pay for that 2nd term’s notice period.

From Grade 1 it is compulsory that every child attend the school’s sport lessons, eg. tennis, swimming, etc

The external swimming and tennis lessons are optional and payment must be made by the parent directly to the external coach/teacher.



  • A school day may be cancelled for reasons beyond the School’s control, eg. a funeral/event at the Church
  • The school are not beholden to make up these days and that day will not be refunded.
  • School term dates will be decided by the Committee based on that of the government schools, but the Committee has the right to alter them if necessary.
  • Please approach the Principal should you have any problems with any of the above- your query will be kept in confidence and the Committee will endeavour to solve any issues raised.

    Absent from school:
  • If your child is absent from school, a written letter by the parent must be sent to the school.
  • If your child is absent from school for more than 3 days, a doctors certificate must accompany your child back to school.
  • No assessments or work will be repeated with a child unless your child has a doctors certificate that explains the reason for being absent
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to make sure that your child is up to date with any work missed during the absent period.



Teach your Child:

  • Show respect towards others and their belongings.
  • Show respect towards all adults and the elderly.
  • Assist those in need.
  • Show compassion towards friends and animals.
  • Respect yourself



“Routine and discipline result in happier children”