Sport & Music:

School Sport: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesday afternoons: 14h15-15h00 –may be altered during the year

Music: Monday as set out per grades timetable

Extra Lessons: Thursday from 13h30 – 14h30

Art- class groups on a Friday


Optional extra-curricular: These are not taught by our Teachers, but by an external private practitioner- please contact the Office for details.

  • Monkeynastics (external) – Wednesday mornings
  • Anne’s Aqua School: swimming lessons- Fridays (term 1 and 4)
  • Just Tennis: tennis coaching-Thursdays from 12h30 onwards (terms 1-4), from age 5 years.
  • Cricket: private cricket coaching  Thursdays
  • Ballet classes: Tuesday from 13:00 onwards
  • Music: Monday from 10:00 onwards
  • Extra-curricular Activities/Sports
  • Please know that if you join an external extra curricular activity offered by our school, like swimming, tennis, Monkeynastics, etc, that you are bound by the individual agreement with that external Teacher/coach- which is typically: one terms written notice at the start of the new term.
  • Should you and your child wish to join one of these activities, please understand and explain to your child about a commitment to an activity and realise that you are probably committing to paying for that activity for a minimum of 6 months including the notice period. ie. your child does tennis in the 1st term, you hand in your notice at beginning of 2nd term, but you must still pay for that 2nd term’s notice period.
  • From Grade 1 it is compulsory that every child attend the school’s sport lessons, eg. tennis, swimming, etc
  • The external swimming and tennis lessons are optional and payment must be made by the parent directly to the external coach/teacher.